Health Benefits of Using A Marijuana Vaporizer

Cannabis vaporizers are all the rage these days especially since the medicinal use of marijuana has become legalized in quite a few states. Usually, vaporizers are purchased for their convenience and portability. However, most people don’t realize that herbal vaporizers actually have health benefits.

While marijuana itself can be beneficial to people with glaucoma as well as some terminal illnesses, it also has over 450 toxic chemicals that are released when it is smoked. Marijuana smoke has a similar effect on the bronchial system that tobacco smoke does. The relief that it provides is countered relatively sharply by the health risks that smoking brings.

To properly understand the health benefits that it can provide, it’s important to have at least a basic understanding of how an herbal vaporizer works.

When you heat tobacco or marijuana by the traditional method, you cause the chemicals to combust, forming the smoke. This is where the harmful chemicals are formed. With a vape system, you’re simply heating up the herbs and allowing the essential oils to be released and converted into vapor.

Because you are inhaling the vapor instead of the toxins, you are getting a cleaner, more pure experience. You’re not taking in as many of the toxin, and you are getting the essential oils.

Smoking itself can do a real number on your lungs. This is a scientifically proven fact. When you smoke, it irritates your mouth, throat, chest, and lungs. Inhaling the more pure vapor gives you the same effect that smoking does, without being so harsh and causing irreversible damage to your lungs and respiratory system.

Inhaling anything other than pure oxygen always comes with risks. Marijuana certainly isn’t an all natural product nor is tobacco. But vaping filters out a lot of the harmful parts that cause so much havoc on the body.

You can compare it to eating organic foods. By definition and general understanding, organic foods are all natural, un-chemically treated foods that are much better for your body. All foods have a little bit of chemicals, even if by a simple transfer. Are organic foods better than artificial chemically treated foods? Yes. Does the organic food taste better? Yes. Is it 100% healthy? Of course not.

The same goes for cannabis vaporizers. Nothing is 100% healthy especially when you’re inhaling it into your body. However, what it comes down to is that using an herbal vaporizer is less damaging than traditional smoking and enables you to have a more pure vapor.

Finally, second hand smoke can be almost as harmful as taking in the smoke yourself. Since you are using a filter, you’re getting the “best” part of the smoking experience by getting at least partially filtered tobacco or marijuana. You’re then exhaling toxins both from your mouth and through the tip of the filter. This is damaging for those around you. With a vaporizer, you take in just about all of the contents, with very little excess leaving your mouth. This makes it safer for you as well as those around you. They shouldn’t have to smoke if they don’t want to, after all.

If you’re going to smoke tobacco or marijuana for whatever reason, it’s best to make sure you’re getting it at its purest form. This is especially true with marijuana, since it does have beneficial properties and herbs that can help different health problems. If you’re in it for the health reasons, then it only makes sense to get it in its purest form so that you can get the advantages with less of the risks.